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We Don’t Belong in Boxes

We Don’t Belong in Boxes

In my article on Consciousness Liberty, I vulnerably disclose my personal interactions with what I somewhat affectionately (ok not at all affectionately) like to call “hitting the wall”.

I see a disparate difference between the virtuous heroes we admire in movies and our heroes in real life. The glorification of failing fast, being authentic, standing for what you believe in and helping make our world a better place — and what society actually does to people who dare to be heroes.

Lemme start by saying I’ve experienced incredible resistance in practice. One of the biggest gaps I see is in what our society talks about — be vulnerable, authentic, stand up for something, don’t be afraid to fail — and how our society rejects these things.

The more I displayed these values the more I was shut down, looked at funny, and pushed away by those around me. I was in a world that clearly didn’t support what I stood for.

I believe it’s because most of us go about our day in boxes. Boxed food, boxed workplaces, boxes homes, staring at little electronic boxes and driving boxes — pretending that it’s alright.

And when you shine the light of authenticity, the world of boxes shows up as an uncomfortable and ill-fitting kennel. A poor excuse and a far throw from the grandeur and awesomeness( true awesomeness that leaves you in awe) of our natural world. The breathtaking waterfalls, lush forests with clean, fresh air, sunny fields of warm soft soil covered in flowers and countless numbers of beautiful birds, mammals and creatures that inhabit it.

When you shine this light on people, they must also face their truth — an incredibly uncomfortable process. Their first band-aid fix to their discomfort is to point at you and say, “Oh you!” “I feel uncomfortable when you came around. You must have caused this!” Because facing yourself is much more painful, scary and can lead to powerful transformations of self.

As you know, it’s time to create a new world. One that celebrates heroes, brings together visionaries, scientists, artists and changemakers and supports our integrity, love and freedom.

This is why Melissa and I have decided to build Live the Change. It’s a movement and community where heroes support heroes. A community where honesty is honored. A community where “nothing is wrong with you” when you truly decide to follow your heart. Where you are accepted by your peers whether you are different or alike. Where you are loved and supported for your uniqueness and self-expression.

Welcome to Live the Change. We support you, we believe in you and we stand with you.

We are here to build a better world with you. We don’t pretend to know what that world is, but we do know that we all have unique gifts to share and together we can co-create a world that stands for love, liberty and an honest respect for life.

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Hi, my name is Jacqueline Quinn, a Lara Croft-esque at heart, spiritual superhero, heaven-bent on saving the world, living my truth and helping people lead fulfilling lives by stepping into their greatness.

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