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Interview with Dr. Karambu on Creating Sustainable Change Through Social Entrepreneurship

An Interview with Dr. Karambu, Founder of International Peace Initiatives in Kenya

In this powerful episode, Dr. Karambu shares her story, mission and current projects of International Peace Initiatives, plus the fundamental principles behind her company’s success and growth.

Hi, this is Jacqueline from Live the Change and I’m here with visionary social entrepreneur, peace advocate, founder and president of International Peace Initiatives, Dr. Karambu.

“A problem is an invitation a possibility for change for transformation. That is where our most critical and important growth takes place — if we pay attention.”

– Dr. Karambu

Internation Peace Initiates (IPI) has several programs including a home and support center for orphaned and vulnerable children, educational programs (including college scholarships) for workforce readiness, training programs to provide women with a means of income, peace and ethical leadership training, and a beautiful Eco Center focused on organic, sustainable agriculture.

IPI has transformed the lives of thousands of people and continues to grow with a values-driven, heart-centered success story in social entrepreneurship.

In this podcast, Dr. Karambu shares:

  • Her successful model for bringing sustainable change, as opposed to a “quick fix” that leads to victim syndrome.
  • Working from wisdom and heart- centeredness.
  • Taking responsibility and being present to reclaim your power.
  • The principles of RECLAIM, an acronym for her business philosophy.
  • The profound difference between empowerment and empoweredness.
  • The importance of gratitude mindset and mindfulness for seeing opportunities.
  • 3 dimensions of sustainability in business.
  • The power of global unity.
  • A message of “Food Sovereignty” and the future of food sustainability.
  • A glimpse of what is really happening in Kenya vs media portrayal.

And how you can learn more about International Peace Initiates and get involved.

How to Get Involved with International Peace Initiatives

Come and see Kenya through the eyes of Dr. Karambu. Learn about education and sustainability and transform your life.

Sponsor A Child/ Volunteer / Internships:

Educational Internship Partnerships:


IPI is looking for people know are knowledgeable in:

  • Grey water recycling
  • Building Natural (non-chemical) swimming pools
  • Food Forests, permaculture

Contact Cara Hoevet  |   | 303-949-5642

Learn More

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Karambu

A message about the strength of unity:

“Two or more sticks bundled together are unbreakable.”

– Kenyan Proverb

The future of food sustainability. Small communities growing their own food is the way forward:

“The next terrain of slavery is in the domain of food. Because if someone owns these that you grow, how you grow it, how you harvest it and store it. — then you’re a slave of that person.”

– Dr. Karambu

Gratitude, opportunity and growth:

“If I am not grateful for the things that have been given now, how do I open space for other things that are meant for me that I don’t see.”

– Dr. Karambu

Firsthand accounts of what is really happening in Kenya versus how media portrayal:

“Until the lion learns how to write, the story will always glorify the hunter.”

– African Proverb

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Hi, my name is Jacqueline Quinn, a Lara Croft-esque at heart, spiritual superhero, heaven-bent on saving the world, living my truth and helping people lead fulfilling lives by stepping into their greatness.


  1. Jacqueline, Hello!! I hope this finds you well. I listened to this podcast again today and it really is amazing, how well your excellent interview navigation helped capture the essence of IPI’s work in Kenya. THANK YOU for ‘hearing’ our story and inviting me to share it with the world! The very best to you as you shine your Love and Light to our world!! Blessed Easter! Love and Light, Karambu

    • Thank you very much Dr. Karambu! It’s an honor to share your story and your work. Wishing you many blessings, love and happiness. Big hugs! – Jacqueline

  2. Amazing Dr k. What she has done and what she does shows how kind and knowledgeable she is. She has done something unique.. What no one else has ever tried to do


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