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We are a social enterprise and community helping other purpose-driven, growth-oriented, humanity-plus enterprises and people in the world flourish. We promote their products, services and stories. We provide education, inspiration and community to break through current paradigms and unite to co-create a better world.

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would not be possible without you. Each and every part of you has a unique gift to share with the world. Our passion is to support and connect visionaries, creators, inventors, scientists, musicians, farmers, doctors, artists, dreamers, doers, philosophers, healers, lawyers, game-changers — you get the idea with each other to co-create their ideas into innovative solutions to our current challenges.

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Melissa is a holistic positive psychology coach, learning experience designer, and content production manager. A self-proclaimed spiritual-badass-scientist, she's on a mission to help other heart-centered rebels share their greatest gifts with the world.
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